Pictures from a Knit Night

It had been a while since last time we posted anything here, so here comes some pictures from a knit night a while ago. After some recommendations from fellow knitters I ordered some yarn from Garnkorgen , and I can really recommend the online store. I got the yarn only 2 days after ordering, and […]

Leaving Cowl

I have just finished this cowl, pattern can be found of Ravelry for free. It was fun to knit and I really like the yarn, even though it’s a bit itchy. I’m thinking about lining it with some fabric, but I haven’t figured out what kind of fabric that is the best. There’s still some yarn […]

A shawl in lace and garter stitch

Here is a shawl that Sara just finished. It’s called Nurmilintu and the free pattern can be found on ravelry. It’s a mix between lace and garter stitch. This is a good pattern if you’re new on knitting lace, and want to watch tv while you’re knitting.

Pictures from a Knit Night

Thought I could share some pictures from this week’s knit night. I really like(d) the fur-yarn.. “it’s aaaalive” 😉 Thank you all for coming 🙂 If you want to bake the chocolate cake, the recipe can be found on (soon) it was actually a simple “one bowl cake”.

Yarn-trip to Helsingborg

Today we went to Helsingborg to buy yarn, but we started of with “fika” at Ebba’s café, because who doesn’t need coffee/tea in the morning 😉 I think we came to the conclusion that the cakes were ok ( it could have been better).. good thing was that you could choose between A LOT of […]

Hell Bent on Copenhagen

Today was a really good day, and if you wonder why it’s because we had a lot of fun in Copenhagen. Ferckinclerser had planned everything of beforehand and we even had maps where yarn stores and cafes were marked out. Zeta and Bonnie met up in Copenhagen. At first we went to La Glace to […]

Hell Bent on Babies, part II

Top 10 baby knits in our forever queue Sleep sacks and blankets, can’t have enough of those, right? Owlie Sleep Sack pattern by Teresa Cole Chevron Baby Blanket pattern by Espace Tricot Slumreteppet Unni Blanket by Pinneguri Vaakatilkut by Vaaka ry Umaro by Jared Flood And of course every baby needs a fancy cardigan… Botany […]

Hell Bent on Babies, part I

It all started with a post in our facebook-group which announced; ”Ideas for baby knitting – GO!”. A few hours later we had a long thread with useful tips and lovely pattern-suggestions. Here they come so they get to meet the rest of the internetz… Things we actually found useful – cardigans for newborns up […]

Finally time for knitting

It was a while since we updated the blog so here comes a post from tonight’s knit night 🙂 As usually it seems like I take pictures of everything else than yarn and needles 😉  But I guess you can see from the pictures that we had cinnamon rolls and tea AND.. ..Kinder eggs 😀 […]

Knitting with a loom

If you ever get tired of knitting with needles, maybe you can try to knit with a loom. Until this morning I thought  you only could knit infinity scarfs, hats and basically long tubes with a knitting loom..but no. Look at these pictures; it’s even possible to knit blankets and cables. You can find patterns […]